You are on the school homepage of the Stormarnschule (US: high school / UK: grammar school) in Ahrensburg, a small city near Hamburg in the north of Germany. It has got 30,000 citizens and 1300 registered dogs. You can travel to Hamburg by train (20 minutes) or by car (30 minutes). Ahrensburg has got a beautiful Renaissance castle dating from the year 1595 and a popular large indoor swimming pool. There are two high schools of the Gymnasium type in Ahrensburg and we are one of them. At our school there are about 900 students (years 5 to 13, age range from 10 to 20 years) and 65 teachers. After graduation they mostly directly go to professional schools and universities.

A group of students has produced an information folder about the school in English. A 2009 presentation offers you an overview of the global dimensions of our school activities. If you want to know more about Ahrensburg visit the Ahrensburg Homepage. Here is at least a brief list of what the website has to offer in German:
- list of present staff
- list of former (and retired) staff members
- list of alumni- list of graduates by year
- school history
- news reports in the local papers

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P.S. To those who are thinking about attending a German school from abroad here are a few hints about school and family life in Germany.

PPS. If you would like to know more about the difference in the college system between Germany and the USA we have some information for you. And if you want a good starting page for multi-language information about Germany we suggest http://www.tatsachen-ueber-deutschland.de (which actually is a whole book on all kinds of information). And not to forget www.deutschland.de.