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MUNOL connects

„Beyond right and wrong there is a place where we shall meet“ says this year's Secretary General and sets the tone for the XXI Model United Nations of Lübeck. 300 delegates from 10 countries have come together to debate about globalism, the rising power of large international corporations and the challenges and chances that it brings for individuals and nation states.

At a time of increasing nationalism, with liberal values under attack and a trend towards political discourse in simplifying and provocative Twitter messages, MUNOL's mission is to be a forum, where young people from different countries connect. In a series of in depth discussions Arvid Baier, Carolin Oelschlägel, Benedict Niehaus (Equatorial Guinea), Magdalena and Justus Bürk (Malaysia) are this week experiencing first hand, that there are no easy solutions to complicated international problems. While working in their committees, taking into account different perspectives and interests and labouring to bring about compromises, our MUNOL delegates are acquiring a set of skills, which will help them to connect, to unite and to make a difference. K. Gerresheim

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