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MUNOL (Model United Nations of Lübeck)

Three delegates from the Stormarnschule currently have the honour of participating in the XXth Model United Nations of Lübeck, a simulation of the United Nations in English language. Our role in this international conference is to represent the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. After several months of intensive research, of drafting position papers and submitting resolutions, Caroline Ruth (11e), Maximilian Ferst (11bc) and Patrick Schefe (10ab) are now discussing topics like „Measures to prevent cybercrime“, „Ways to protect the Human Rights of climate refugees“ or „Nuclear disarmament with a special focus on North Korea“ - always looking at these issues from a Pakistani perspective. ( more....)

About 500 students from 10 different countries are participating in this year's MUNOL conference. We were welcomed by Mayor Saxe of Lübeck in the Old Town Hall, listened to the ambassador's opening speeches and spent an intensive day lobbying for support of our country's positions in our committees. It is an exciting international experience for all of us and we are happy and proud to be a part of MUNOL 2017!

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